Turns out, the protein from plants is ‘more healthy than the meat’

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The kind of protein you eat is important (picture: Getty).

Last year Men’s Health made a film about steak versus Seitan, in a questioning way: What’s best?

Seitan, a gluten-based vegetable meat substitute, contains three times more protein than a steak and 10% more fat. At 100 g, seitan contained 28% iron to sharpen the brain, compared to 13% for steak, slightly more magnesium, but none of the meat’s B12 content has natural properties.

Oh, and it has been shown that meat replacement can extend your life by four years compared to the daily consumption of red meat, increasing your chances of early death by 12%.

Guess what food won the fight with the squirrels. Steak. Despite proof that seitan is nutritious and safe, Men’s Health still voted for steak… in a strange way.

Well, new data confirm – once again – that it is better to cover protein requirements with beans than with beef.

In Greece, researchers studied the eating habits of 3,349 women and men over the age of 50. They calculated a successful aging index (SAI) and linked what they ate to this index.

They found that those who ate a diet high in plant protein had a higher SAI score than those who ate little plant protein, which led them to conclude that a diet high in plant protein was potentially more beneficial to health and successful ageing than the alternatives.

When it comes to longer life, another study examined the influence of protein intake on the life expectancy of 6,381 people over the age of 50 in the United States.

It turned out that those who reported high protein intake increased their total mortality by 75%, while the risk of dying of cancer quadrupled over the next 18 years. But you know what? It was only meant for those who got their proteins from meat sources. Vegetable proteins were indeed associated with a lower mortality risk.

Still not convinced? Is the desk still too small? What about this year 2019? 70,696 studies with Japanese researchers? Here, too, the researchers found that the consumption of vegetable proteins is associated with a lower risk of death and dying from cardiovascular diseases.

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Good sources of vegetable protein

First of all, don’t believe in the propaganda – you can get enough protein from a plant-based diet without too much planning. It is very easy to put a steak and a vegetable on a plate and get through the day, but vegetarian food requires a little more imagination and a strategic approach.

Give priority to your actual diet, and if you think you need more protein (e.g. if you exercise a lot), consider adding a cocktail or a protein bar. A very tasty and easy way to do this is to buy a box of protein-rich chocolate bars made from MisFits plantations. They are ridiculously tasty, with less than 1g of sugar per bar and 15g of egg white.

See how squirrels end up in every meal.

All walnut oils are an excellent source of protein because they contain 3.4 g per tablespoon, while half a cup of lentils provides about 12 g. Boiled beans are a dead nutrient containing approximately 4 g protein per 100 g and 0 g saturated fat.

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And of course you have tofu and temp, which contain the nine amino acids you need, as well as iron, calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

Pieces of meat, such as Oumph! are made from soy protein and contain 17 g of protein per 100 g, but only 82 kg (which is very little). As mentioned earlier, seitan is very high in protein and low in saturated fatty acids.

So there are many possibilities, and although no one says that to live longer or be healthy, you have to be 100% vegan, you have to experiment with herbal alternatives.

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