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MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambir and Rohit SharmaMS Dhoni, Gautam Gambir and Rohit SharmaMS Dhoni, Gautam Gambir and Rohit Sharma (source: Getty Pictures)

Mohammad Yusuf selects Kane Williamson as best captain of White Cricket.

  • Mohammad Yusuf, a former Pakistani drummer, recently participated in a Twitter fan poll.
  • He gave answers to different and unique questions asked by his disciples.
  • Meanwhile, he also revealed the name of the best cricket captain so far.
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Gautam Gambir selects Rohit Sharma instead of Virat Kohli in white cricket

  • Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are the two most important and highest ranked players in the current Indian team.
  • The first one opens the round, while Kohli steals three to a limited extent.
  • Gautam Gambir, a former Indian explorer, has given his opinion on the same subject and believes that Rohit has an advantage over the Indian captain.
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Duane Bravo tells how he convinced the Mumbai Indians to buy Kieron Pollard before IPL 2010.

  • One of the players who grew up with an IM T-shirt was the loyal Kieron Pollard from the West Indies.
  • Since the Mumbai Indians captured him at the 2010 IPL auction, he has become an integral part of the party.
  • However, few fans are aware that it was through Pollard’s teammate Dwayne Bravo that Mumbai bought the multiplayer game.
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Rohit Sharma selects the toughest players he has met in hiscareer.

  • Rohit Sharma, a prolific Indian explorer, attended a live Instagram session on Saturday with his friend Mohamed Shami.
  • During the conversation he exchanged views on various topics with an Indian pacemaker.
  • In the meantime, he has also revealed the names of the bowling players with whom he found it difficult to play at the beginning of his cricket career.
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Surav Ganguli compares the KOVID-19 pandemic with a dangerous field test game.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down.
  • The former Indian cricketer and current BCCI president Surav Ganguli is very disappointed with the current situation.
  • He compared the situation with the fact that the test match takes place on an extremely dangerous field where the batter has few offences.
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India to maintain World Cup record against Pakistan: Abdul Razzaq

  • Abdul Razzaq, a former fully-fledged Pakistani, believes that India will continue to dominate Pakistan in ICC tournaments because its players cannot withstand the pressure of high-level matches.
  • It is known that India has an advantage over Pakistan in the World Cup.
  • The latter has never won a single match in the mega events against Men in Blue.
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If anyone proves there’s a match against me, I will be hanged… Basit Ali

  • Basit Ali, a former cricketer, has denied all allegations of match fixing made by the former Director General of the Pakistan Cricket Council (PCC), Arif Abbasi.
  • Abbasi recently told us that Basit played a game 25 years ago, during a tour of Sri Lanka in 1994.
  • At the age of 49, he was a regular member of the Pakistani team in the mid-1990s.
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The success of Rohit Sharma is due to MS Dhoney: Gautam Gambir

  • Gautam Gambir praised Rohit Sharma on the occasion of his 33rd birthday. I’m gonna be the best white player in the world.
  • The latter has certainly reached the height of his career in recent years, especially after a limited opening in India.
  • No drummer has come close to him in terms of the number of runs he has completed as an ODI opener since 2013, and today is Rohit co-captain of India in 50 runs and 20 runs.
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Gautam Gambihir convenes his entire preparatory process in India XI; he appoints Anila Kumbla as captain of.

  • Gautam Gambir has always talked a lot about Anil Kumbla and his leadership qualities.
  • Recently he also said that the scissors would break many captain’s records if he had led India for a while.
  • For the same reason, Gambihir Kumbla has appointed captain of his All India Test XI, which includes the Virat Kohli and RS Dhoni.
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Mandip Singh selects the top five IPL batting teams and includes Virat Kohli in thelist.

  • In such a difficult time, where everyone is in isolation, CricTracker decided to meet Mandip Singh and take part in a live Instagram session.
  • The drummer from Punjab answered several questions during the session.
  • Mandip, who shared his dressing room with many baseball players like AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle, insulted his top five IPL batters.
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