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How can it take 10 years?

The Xbox 360 is one of the best consoles in the world (Photo: Microsoft).

The reader describes the five systems that have meant the most to him over the years and why the Nintendo Switch is still not one of them.

GameCentral has recently published an article stating that this change is one of the best consoles ever made. The Switch fits well, but before I say that it is one of the best consoles ever made, it has to travel a little for me. In fact, I would place three other Nintendo systems in front of them, the Super Nintendo, N64 and Wii U. I know Wii U has exploded, but because it’s backwards compatible with Wii, it’s a virtual console, and a lot of exclusive things – many of which are connected to a switchboard – is Nintendo’s best feature.

But this is not an article about the location of the switch in the pantheon of the largest console, but just an opportunity to list my personal top five most popular consoles. This is not a cutting or exhaustive piece about the strengths of each console, a function that can be written separately for each console, but a wandering nostalgic peak.


3DO had little chance. It was introduced in the United States at the end of 1993 and in Great Britain in 1994. These quotes from the history of computing summarise the reasons for its failure:

Despite a very popular launch (including Time Product 1994 by Time Magazine) and many advanced technologies, the high price of £599.95 for 3DO at launch, limited third-party support and a saturated console market prevented the system from achieving success comparable to that of Sega and Nintendo. The console was launched in North America on 4 October 1993 and in Japan on 20 October. Published in March 1994.

The success of the console was thwarted by the arrival of Sony’s PlayStation, which quickly connected to the 3DO library and its own collection of star games.

The reason for the high price was the advanced technology, but more than that, 3DO did not produce the console, but licensed the specifications to those who wanted to make the console themselves, which means that the console hardware must be cost-effective. Originally Sony and Microsoft sold their consoles at a loss, the Xbox One would have been worth $471 and would have been sold for $499, the PlayStation $4,371 and would have been sold for $399. In terms of delivery, marketing, etc., they are sold at a loss.

Console manufacturers make money mainly by reducing sales to third parties, digital stores and digital services such as PS Plus, Game Pass and Xbox Gold. They also make money with exclusive set-top boxes, but their main task is to lure consumers to their set-top boxes, to make money with third parties and digital ecosystems. The combination of maximum optimization and selling at a loss – that’s why the prefixes can cause such an explosion for your dollar.

3DO wasn’t a success, but this advanced technology made the game even more spectacular at the time. The transition from SNES to 3D0 was quite impressive. Due to the lower yields, generations of jumps are now less visually delayed. The transition from 16-bit consoles to 32-bit systems such as 3DO and PlayStation has been great.

But even if I like high technology, these are games that live in memory, and 3DO had a very good collection of games at the end of my short life that I love a warm and affectionate memory. Excellent arcade with perfect versions of Samurai Shodown and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. The need for speed was a big selling point of the system, which looked great at the time and was played with great pleasure. Brilliant versions of FIFA and Road Rash. It was on this console that I first played the beautifully written and entertaining Star Control 2, with an improved sound and beautifully sculpted scenes of brilliant alien ships.

I forgot to write about the disappointments of the game in the last issue of Hot Topics, but Star Control: The origin would be my cry. 3DO had a good version of cross-platform games like Cannon Fodder and Theme Park. This is the car in which I first played Atmosphere Alone in the Dark, which is considered a forerunner of tracks like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The flashback was great, too. In many games FMV was probably used extensively, because there was enough space to put it on a huge 700 MB CD, which was very nice and new. Pillow with pendulum on Panasonic 3D0, where a little annoying, although as an angry player 1 can easily and quickly disable game 2.

In 1994 I only knew one person who owned a high-end computer and I couldn’t wait to spend the night at his house to play on it, because the visual and acoustic image on it was like a cut above my SNES. 3DO felt like playing on a game PC. I was lucky or unlucky to have two brothers where we could choose between separate Christmas presents or a large and more expensive apartment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get that console. 3DO would probably make the worst consoles in history, but I liked it.

Xbox 360

I want to put the Xbox on that list. Halo turned me down. The online multiplayer game Halo 2 and matchmaking were pioneers of the console, and I’ve played a lot of them. I would really like Microsoft to make the future of Jet Set radio backwards compatible. But 360 has a much better chance. Excellent third party support, often with the best multiplatform game versions due to the complexity of the PlayStation 3 programming for the architecture.

The use of indie revolutions in the console with names like the beautiful and wonderfully cunning Braid. Forgotten was released a year before the PlayStation3 on 360, and it was a big release. For me, 360 is about popularizing Western PC-style role-playing games on the console. On Xbox is already good work done with games like Morrorwind and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. Mass Effect, the old roles and the natural fallout console will always give me the feeling of a 360-degree console. Halo 3 was a great success, like Gears of War with a trailer for Crazy World.

There was a Red Ring of Death and a console without an HDMI connection, but that was soon resolved and Sony eventually joined forces and sold several million consoles in a generation more than Microsoft. However, Microsoft was right to take a huge market share from Sony, which after a very successful game on PlayStation 2 must have felt quite confident about the generation. However, the PlayStation 3 and Incorporated’s Blu-ray hardware released a console that cost more than Microsoft, but was cheaper than cross-platform games. I am surprised that Microsoft repeats such errors with the Xbox One.

However, the Xbox 360 was a truly fantastic console.

Super Nintendo Game System

There are no Sega consoles on my list. The closest is Dreamcast. To me, Nintendo’s prefixes and games have always been higher than Sega. I thought Daytona USA on Saturn was a terrible harbor, just like a dog dinner. Now I have this game on Xbox One because of its backward compatibility, and it is an absolutely great version. When I was about 14 years old, I loved walking to my boyfriend’s house except that he lived in a cemetery because his father worked as a gardener in the local cemeteries to play on his Mega Drive. Wrath Streets 2 was big, and his father made us drink one or two of his Miller beers. The decision not to hang nets or curtains on the bedroom window when it overlooked the pile of gravestones made him a little nervous when he spent the night, but it was worth it, for the beer and the anger.

But for the most part, I thought Mega Drive games were inferior to the SNES. Finally, with the exception of the Mortal Kombat, which looked worse than the SNES, but was not subject to heavy censorship and played softer. The 16-bit hardware was not ready for use, a slightly corrected identification hardware we see now. They have produced very different audio and video material using unique techniques such as SNES Mode 7.

Some Sega games had great melodies, but the graphics and sounds of the SNES were just more complete, richer and better. In the final days of the SNES he kept blowing off his socks with titles like Star Fox, Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country. On the other hand, I don’t miss the time for unique and tailor-made equipment. The consoles now have almost identical hardware, but they allow a much wider range of visual and acoustic styles than the older consoles; even if you lose the uniqueness that made the 16-bit hardware interesting.

The flagships Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario World Mario summarize what I think of the game performance of these two cars. Sonic is a fun and carefree game that I was quickly bored, I found the free orders unsatisfactory. Super Mario World is just as good today as it was when it was first released, thanks to its excellent flowing design and precise and rigorous controls. The graphics and sound are just as vivid and intense as in the first version.

The SNES received very good support from third parties, which meant that it took Nintendo decades to make the change. But what really surprises me about the SNES is the number of games that are not obsolete and are almost perfect for video games. I would rank Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: Previous references and Super Metroid are on this list.

I’m a little angry with Sega because Mega Drive was a fantastic console, only for me SNES in another competition. If I hadn’t had to work in the paper industry for six weeks to pay for the game, I could have put it higher.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4: one of the best consoles ever made. In this article GameCentral should work instead of Switch. As I said at the beginning, the conversion is great, but we still have a long way to go before we can talk about it as one of the best consoles ever made. While the PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly one of the best consoles ever made for me. Sony enjoys the commercial success it deserves, but I still don’t feel the critical praise it deserves for its great contribution to gambling.

Sony consoles have always had larger and more diverse game libraries than their competitors. They have really made a change by making sure that many things are developed and produced on their machines. But before PlayStation 4, I thought Nintendo and Microsoft were better than the exclusive ones. That’s why there’s only one Sony console on my list, because before PlayStation 4 I was distracted by games like Halo, Super Mario 64 and Metroid Prime. But this Sony gene is for me the first king of exclusive parts, and it has also produced a number of exclusive third parties.

Blood and the God of war join Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as my three best games of this genre so far. The gene started slowly, but the last three or four years have been very good. My Digital Library contains 200 PlayStation 4 games, many of which are only available in PlayStation 4 format. Sony can also see this impact gene: The remake of Final Fantasy 7, Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us part 2 – all seem to keep their promise.

Sweetsch is rightly praised for nailing the hybrid model. But for me, PlayStation VR is the most impressive device of this generation. It really is an achievement that Sony has such a good gaming VR that runs on the basic model of the PlayStation. The X-Wing VR mission impressed me the most with the new console experience that was simply not possible with previous generations of hardware.

Sony supported the camera and the Astro Bot excellently: Rescue Mission and the WipEout VR patch are two of the most amazing gaming experiences I’ve ever had. The PlayStation VR shows its age, with low headphone resolution and poor sampling, but it teases what PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2 can produce. I don’t think anyone believes VR is the future of gambling, but I like it. The PlayStation VR has really enriched my life as a gamer and I’m happy to be able to buy the PlayStation VR 2.

Because of Microsoft’s stupid and abandoned parity policy in the early days of the genre, when Indians had to release games on Xbox first or simultaneously with other formats or were not allowed to release them at all, and because of the recognition of the important role that Indians played in eliminating their top ranking, PlayStation 4 became an independent game console for the genre.

Switch has now taken over the role because Sony is no longer dependent on India as was the case in the beginning. My most anticipated indie game is Hollow the Knight: A side song, which for example is an exclusive console with a timer. I hope Sony will return to indie games with PlayStation 5, because indie games were a big part of why I liked PlayStation 4. The release of the Miami Hotline, perhaps the greatest indie game of all time, at the end of the life of PlayStation 3, drew my attention to the Sony platform.

The PlayStation 4 is an absolute blockbuster of the console and rightly so, although there was little competition at the beginning of the generation.

Nintendo 64

The N64 got terrible support from a third party, it was really dark. But there were some of the best games and the best bank club sessions I’ve ever had.

Before PlayStation VR, Super Mario 64 was particularly impressed by what was possible with the new generation of hardware. PlayStation and Saturn have been doing 3D for years, but Super Mario 64 3D was much better. Most PlayStation and Saturn 3D games are very outdated, but Mario 64 is still as good as it was when it was released, thanks to Nintendo’s talent and the smoother, less pixellated 3D image that the N64 can produce.

I have the N64 of Mario 64 and Wave Race 64. For the first time in my life, I remember using an analogue stick, and I was blown away by the responsiveness of the controls in both games. Mario’s mastery is an absolute pleasure in Mario 64, just like the jet skis in Wave Race 64 – from smooth curves and turns to steep turns with is complemented by excellent golf physics. I still love the Wave Race 64. Although it’s not that great, the 1080° snowboard is another great game to hit.

I’ve played so much in Golden Eye 007, Perfect Dark and Mario Card 64 for the four of us at work or with our friends. We all brought our controller and blew it up. That was the last time I had regular sessions on the couch, because everyone has moved on in their adult lives. These are great times.

And then there’s the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Often, as the greatest game of all time, it has been chosen to occupy a large part of my life. There were not many games on the N64, but the games that were so good and felt so much better than anything else on the market, I think that it will always be my favorite console.

I also like the look of the N64. I like prefixes that look like toys with patchwork buttons, smooth curves or lots of sharp corners – both are good. The modern console looks awful, just boring black boxes. The N64 looked like the smoothest toy ever made.

In fact, I know how unsuccessful the release schedule of the N64 was, but my memory is fragile, and instead I only have a list of as long as my hand consists of fantastic gambling sessions. The best console.

According to the Simundo reader.

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