Students are deciding to remain in residence halls, despite University request to move out due to pandemic

Zane Elgogari will soon be a resident without a resident. Unlike most students, he stays on campus for the rest of the semester.

Seeing everyone leaving is really disturbing, Elgogari said. In the beginning it was very difficult to see my residents leave, then to see my friends leave and really get hold of her.

Last week, chancellor Patrick Gallagher announced that after the coronavirus outbreak, Mr Pitt would go to online courses indefinitely and ask students not to go to the university dormitory the day after the spring break, if possible. Although students may request an extension of their stay, Panther Center staff will review each request based on a variety of factors, including travel, permanent co-op employment, work on campus, financial constraints and personal security.

Despite Pitt’s decision to allocate partial rooms and return the guesthouse to those who had been withdrawn before the 4th day of the year, the guesthouse is still in use. April, there are still students who have decided to stay.

According to Elgogari, although he was dismissed from his position in Armenia, Elgogari decided to spend the rest of the semester in Pitt.

I work as a medical assistant, and we are understaffed, so they really needed me to stay if I could, Elgogari said.

University spokesman Kevin Zwick said that there is no information yet on the number of students who should stay in the dormitories. However, an email sent by Gallagher on Wednesday indicates that students housed in the dormitory may be forced to change rooms or dormitories to ensure their well-being.

With this measure we are going to restrict access to the dormitory on campus for students who have enrolled at Panther Central, it has been said. These measures will guarantee the safety of the remaining students and help us to deal with the consequences of this public health crisis on our campus.

Despite the inconvenience of moving to another room or apartment, Lauren Kowalski, an assistant in Tower A and a freelance student from Illinois, spends the rest of the semester in Pitt because it is difficult to move in such a short time.

My parents don’t have the opportunity to give up everything and move in with me for at least a few weeks, Kowalski said.

In addition to the ability to switch rooms, Dean Kenyon Bonner announced in another email that students who choose to stay in residence will face many new restrictions on food, computer rooms and other campus services.

Despite limited access to some campus facilities, freshman student Carina Elizabeth Hester said her decision to stay on campus depends heavily on her transition to online courses and her inability to travel during the pandemic.

I’m a freelance student from California, so it wasn’t possible to change my return ticket at the last minute, Hester said. There are more cases of the virus in California too, so I felt safer here.

The serious concerns expressed by KOVID-19 have led many students to review their approach in the coming months. For some, however, foster care remains the cheapest option.

I want to enjoy Pittsburgh while I still can, Hester said.

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