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It’s been exposed: The art of printing

The new exhibition at gallery Latitude 28 shows the evolution of printmaking through the work of 70 artists, including Arpana Kaur and Gulammohammed Sheikh. Print Title : The Matrix Matter Show highlights relevant processes and discusses common misconceptions about printing. The exhibition consists of five parts, one of which focuses on the way in which digital and 3D printing has influenced the creative process. -AB

The seal: The question in the matrix can be solved up to 12. Walking in the Latitude 28 Gallery, Delhi.

March in the Tajklands and Equal Opportunities The meeting room is open on 9 March. Walk in the Tajklands.

Middle class: How do you even the work

The Mumbai Ladies Who Leaders (LWL) Community of Women Leaders organizes an Equality Roundtable in the conference room to explore the different dynamics between female leaders and their workplaces and to analyze what workplaces can do to make their environments more inclusive and diverse, such as clarifying leadership roles and providing more opportunities for women in leadership positions. The Director of Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd., Radhika Gupta, and the Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing of the Indian Hotels Company Ltd. in Rena Bass participated in the discussion (photo).

Justice The meeting room is open at 9 o’clock. Walk from 7pm at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. You can register via RSVPing at [email protected]

March Baro Good Life Weekend from 7 to 8 March

Sale flash : Craft market

Discover eco-friendly items – from handmade saris to industrial decoration waste – in the furniture shop and craft market of Baros The Good Life. About 16 founders of artisan shops from all over the country will show their products such as banana fibre baskets, decorations made from dried chocolate flowers, organic children’s clothing, high quality Indian tea directly from family businesses such as Satori, Greendigo, Madhumangal, the Kishkenda Trust and many others. -SL

Baro’s Good Life Weekend is from 7:00 to 8:00. March 11:00 to 20:00 in their shop in Mumbai.

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