Four Fortnite Players Suspended For Teaming in FNCS

Buck, creo, keys, bum, illegal FC.

Epic Games

The two best duets of the two weeks were suspended for 60 days due to accusations of participation in the FNCS final.

Kreo, Bucke, Keys and Slackes got a hammer for Epic Games incidents.

In the video, which was distributed via Twitter, free damage pairs were chosen to prevent storm surges. Of course, if players don’t get enough damage when they reach the category, they’ll get damage from the storm spatter, so they can avoid this damage by moving around.

It seems that when they tried to make it look like a real fight, most players quickly withdrew or built walls to hide when they were injured, but this was not visible in this video.

The Epic Games forbade them for 60 days, which is a much heavier sanction than the one imposed by the XXiF during the World Cup. Due to the duration of this ban, they cannot qualify for an FNCS tariff this season and can even be postponed to the next season.

Creo tried to defend themselves on Twitter so that not everyone would jump into a hated band.

I wish we at least had the opportunity to explain/protect ourselves so that not everyone jumps into the orchestra, he wrote. I would also like the Fourteen Days Marches to do some kind of research/question.

Bookke has published TwitLonger, which explains that the paths of couples often cross and that they know where other people end up thanks to maps from third parties.

We know where people land, thanks to maps made by third parties. If we have an unlimited shield, the impact on our game is if we have a successful battle with another team, he said. Our escape route leads us to the same truck.

Despite increasing evidence, the speed of the ban has divided the professional community. These suspended players are highly appreciated by their professional colleagues, and some of them feel that the investigation should have taken longer.

I don’t think the epic should go so fast, I feel like they haven’t even had a chance to defend themselves, Clicks said. This 60-day ban changes everyone’s life.

I don’t think the epic had to move so fast, I don’t think they even had a chance to defend themselves. This 60-day ban changes everyone’s life. None of them are signed again, and an entire FNCS is missing. A ban of 60 days is not necessary at all.

– Klix (@ClixHelf) 23. March 2020

At the Epic Games nothing was said about bans in public, but it is clear that at both ends of the spectrum there are players who have comments on how this has been done.

Since Fortnite episodes are almost exclusively online, it’s difficult for police players to log in, because it’s hard to see who’s with whom in the license, so it’s nice to see that Epic is proactive here anyway.

Their handling of the ban on the XXiF exploded everywhere, as he was able to qualify for the World Championship despite being caught red-handed.

The duration of the suspension of these four players has ruined any chance of making money this season, setting a precedent for future cases of this type, i.e. when they are faced with a large number of team incidents or fraud cases.

Forty chapter 2 – Season 2 is over.

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