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376pp, Rs 299; Penguin Random House

376pp, Rs 299; Penguin Random Home

What Is Demise? 

Demise is essentially the most elementary query. But, folks can ignore it, keep away from it and simply stay on of their ignorance just because all types of idiotic tales have been unfold on this planet within the identify of faith.

Demise: The Most Elementary Query.

Are you aware you’ll die at some point? Oh, I bless you with a protracted life, however anyway, you’ll die at some point. We can’t be positive about different issues in your life. We don’t know if you’ll get married or not, or if you’ll get a job or not, if you’ll be profitable or not, however this one factor is assured in your life: you’ll go straight to your grave! One of many greatest human follies is to interact with demise within the third individual, as if it’s an summary occasion that occurs to different folks, not us. Are you aware that about 160,000 folks on this planet, who have been alive yesterday, aren’t there right now? Every second, two folks die on this planet. And at some point, it’s going to occur to you and me too. It doesn’t take monumental analysis, or intelligence, and even schooling, to know this. This information is inbuilt in each human being. But, we predict we now have a limiteless lease of life. This case is greatest expressed within the Indian epic Mahabharata.

The 5 Pandava princes, who’re the protagonists, are misplaced within the forests. Severely starved and parched, they scour the close by hills for water and meals. They spot a lake and, as they attempt to drink from it, they’re confronted by a yaksha (a celestial being) within the type of a white crane who insists they reply his questions first. Refusing to be stopped by a mere chicken, one after the other, they attempt to drink from the lake and drop useless. Solely Yudhishthira, the eldest of them, is left. All the time the common-or-garden and righteous one, Yudhishthira ignores his thirst and engages with the yaksha, who fires a volley of questions on life at him. A kind of questions being, ‘What’s the greatest marvel of life?’ With out hesitation, Yudhishthira famously solutions, ‘A whole lot and 1000’s of residing beings meet demise at each second, but the silly man thinks himself deathless and doesn’t put together for demise. That is the largest marvel of life.’ The yaksha is happy with this reply, so he permits him to drink from the lake and in addition restores the lives of his useless brothers. This occurred 5000 years in the past, however the human psyche concerning demise has modified little or no since then.

Demise is a really elementary query. Really, demise is nearer to us than the statistics we examine it. Every second, demise is occurring in us on the organ and mobile ranges. That is how, with only one take a look at your insides, your physician is aware of how outdated you’re. In truth, demise started in us even earlier than we have been born. Solely in case you are ignorant and unaware does it appear to be demise will come to you sometime later. In case you are conscious, you will note each life and demise are occurring each second. Should you as a lot as breathe slightly extra consciously, you’ll discover that with each inhalation there’s life, with each exhalation there’s demise. Upon start, the very first thing {that a} baby does is to inhale, to soak up a pant of air. And the very last thing that you’ll do in your life is an exhalation. You exhale now, and if you don’t take the subsequent inhalation, you’ll be useless. If you don’t get this, simply do an exhalation, maintain your nostril and don’t do the subsequent inhalation. Inside just a few moments, each cell in your physique will begin screaming for all times. Life and demise are occurring on a regular basis. They exist collectively, inseparably, in the identical breath. This relationship goes even past the breath. Breath is barely a supporting actor; the actual course of is of the life power, or prana, that controls bodily existence. With sure mastery over prana, one can exist past breath for substantial quantities of time. Breath is a little more speedy in its requirement, however in the identical class as meals and water.

Demise is such a elementary facet, as a result of if one small factor occurs, you might be gone tomorrow morning. Why tomorrow morning — one small factor now and you might be off the subsequent second. Should you have been like some other creature, possibly you’d be unable to consider all this, however as soon as one is endowed with human intelligence, how are you going to simply ignore such a big facet of your life? How are you going to keep away from it and stay on as if you’re going to be right here eternally? How is it that after residing right here for tens of millions of years of life, human beings nonetheless don’t know a rattling factor about demise? Nicely, they know nothing about life both. We all know all the trimmings about life, however what have you learnt about life as such?

Essentially, this example has come about as a result of you may have misplaced perspective as to who you’re on this Universe. If this photo voltaic system, by which we’re, evaporates tomorrow morning, nobody will even discover it on this Cosmos. It’s that small, only a speck. On this speck of a photo voltaic system, Planet Earth is a micro speck. In that micro speck, the town you reside in is a super-micro speck. In that, you’re a large man. This can be a major problem. When you may have utterly misplaced perspective as to who you’re, how do you assume you’ll grasp something in regards to the nature of life or demise?

One cause folks can ignore demise and proceed to stay on of their ignorance is solely that the religions of the world have unfold all types of idiotic tales about life and demise. They created some foolish, infantile explanations for all the pieces. ‘How was I born?’ ‘The stork introduced you.’ ‘The place are you going to go?’ ‘To heaven.’ This clarification could be very easy however absurd. Not less than, they may have chosen a extra environment friendly mode of transport than a stork. Storks migrate solely in a specific season, so all the youngsters ought to have been born in that season alone, not throughout different instances! Furthermore, if persons are so positive that they’re going to heaven after they die, I ask them, ‘Why are you delaying your departure, then? Why not go proper now?’ All these foolish tales have snuffed out the fundamental human curiosity about life and demise. In any other case, sheer curiosity — if not the ache and struggling of life —would have strongly propelled many individuals to hunt solutions to this elementary query.

Mortal Nature

Folks at all times assume that reminding themselves of God will make them religious. By no means. Should you hold considering or believing in God, you’ll not do your job correctly, however you assume you’ll produce good outcomes. You’ll not examine in your examination and also you assume you’ll be first in school due to your prayer. Such folks turn into extra brazen than others about life as a result of now they’ve God’s help. All the time, individuals who believed that God is with them have accomplished essentially the most violent issues on the planet. ‘God is with me’ offers you a brand new confidence, which could be very harmful. Should you consider God this fashion, you’ll not turn into religious — you might truly turn into very brazen and silly…

Interested by God, you’ll assume that you are able to do idiotic issues in your life, and with a prayer, all the pieces will likely be mounted. This isn’t turning into religious. It is just if you turn into aware that additionally, you will die, you’ll flip religious. Solely when this consciousness of mortality seeps into you, you’ll flip inwards. The second you handle the mortal nature of who you’re, additionally, you will need to know what the supply of this life is. You’ll develop the longing to know what that is all about, and what’s past this factor. It would turn into a pure quest. That’s the religious course of.

Last journey: A corpse being taken to the cremation ghat.

Final journey: A corpse being taken to the cremation ghat.

Nobody would search spirituality if they didn’t know that they’d die. When you’re younger, you assume you’re immortal. Slowly, as you become older, not less than your physique positively reminds you that you’re mortal. And if you find yourself confronted with demise or the demise of somebody pricey to you, you’ll certainly start to marvel what all that is about. In case you are conscious of the mortal nature of your life, the place is the time to get indignant with somebody or to quarrel with somebody or to do something silly in life? When you come to phrases with demise, and you’re aware that you’ll die, you’ll want to make each second of your life as lovely as attainable. Those that are consistently conscious of the mortal and fragile nature of Existence don’t need to miss even a single second; they’ll naturally remember. They can not take something as a right; they’ll stay very purposefully. Solely individuals who imagine they’re immortal can struggle and struggle to demise.

Within the Indian custom, cremation grounds are at all times held to be very sacred. When somebody dies, even whether it is somebody that you just have no idea, it hits you someplace. In any real religious observe, there’s at all times the odor of demise. Should you go deep sufficient into it, it’s going to remind you that you’re mortal. No matter sadhana we now have been instructing you, whether or not it’s Shoonya, or Shakti Chalana, or Shambhavi Mahamudra — much more so with Samyama — primarily, there’s a tinge of demise in it. If there is no such thing as a tinge of demise in it, there is no such thing as a spirituality; it’s simply leisure. If somebody taught you a superficial la-la observe, it could make you’re feeling good, however there’s nothing extra to it.

Historically, each yogi began his religious pursuit within the cremation grounds. In truth, many Masters have used this as a religious course of. Gautama the Buddha made it obligatory for his monks. Earlier than he initiated anybody who got here to him, he requested them to go and sit within the busiest cremation floor for 3 months, simply watching the corpses burning. Even right now, in the event you go to Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi, a minimal of half-dozen our bodies will likely be burning there at any given time. And it’s dealt with like a traditional enterprise, very casually. Lately, there’s not sufficient time for them to completely burn the physique, as a result of even earlier than one physique is absolutely burned, the subsequent physique has already come. In order that they throw this half-burned physique into the river. It’s truly excellent so that you can see that that is how persons are going to deal with you additionally at some point.

Once I was younger, I had no data of all this. However from the age of eight to seventeen, I occurred to spend an unlimited period of time within the cremation floor. It merely intrigued me. Everybody talked about so many eerie issues occurring there; I had heard tales that spirits dangle the other way up from timber. I needed to see these items for myself. So I spent many days and nights within the cremation grounds. There was one very near our dwelling and one other on the foothills of Chamundi Hills. The one at Chamundi Hills was very busy. Anytime you went there, there could be not less than 4 or 5 our bodies burning. Each time I went trekking, I spent the nights there as a result of the hill could be chilly, however right here there was a hearth burning on a regular basis. So I might sit by the fireplace and easily watch the burning.

There was additionally a number of drama that used to occur across the pyre. Normally, when folks include a physique to the cremation floor, they’re all crying like they’ve misplaced all the pieces in life and all that. Then they set hearth to the physique. They keep there for half an hour or forty-five minutes after which they go away. The hearth remains to be burning, however they go away. Most likely they produce other enterprise to take care of, however I might sit there, watching. When you have fastidiously noticed a physique being burned on a pyre, the very first thing that burns up is the neck as a result of it’s slim. When this occurs, until they’ve made a big and correct association of firewood, the half-burned head invariably rolls off the pyre like a soccer. It appears slightly eerie — a head rolling off the pyre! Most likely as a result of firewood is dear, or as a result of they don’t have ample expertise in arranging a correct pyre, this used to occur usually. It could occur after three-and-a-half to 4 hours of burning. By that point, no family could be current, so I might be the one to choose up the heads and put them again on the pyre.

I spent many days and nights within the cremation grounds simply sitting and searching and serving to these our bodies burn absolutely. It set forth a very completely different type of course of in me. I do know you’d need to keep away from this, however it’s good to take a seat down and watch the our bodies burning constantly. Dwelling within the consolation of your own home, it is extremely straightforward to assume you’re immortal. However when a physique is burning in entrance of you, it isn’t very troublesome to see that this may very well be you tomorrow. Mentally and emotionally, there might also be reactions, however crucial factor is that your physique perceives life in its personal method. The sight of one other physique burning deeply unsettles it. It brings a unique type of consciousness and sense inside you. Many issues that you’ve imagined about your self will all get burned within the cremation floor in the event you sit there and hold watching what occurs.

When you’re watching the our bodies burn, you shouldn’t give it some thought. Merely take a look at it; simply take a look at it and take a look at it and take a look at it. After a while, you will note, it’s simply you. It isn’t any completely different. It’s your personal physique. As soon as you possibly can substitute that physique with yours and nonetheless sit there, there’s a deep acceptance of demise. This isn’t a psychological course of. When your very physique perceives the fragility of its existence, there’s a very profound aid and acceptance. As soon as there’s a deep acceptance of demise, then life will occur to you in monumental proportions. It is just since you tried to maintain demise away, life has additionally stayed away from you. For this reason nearly each yogi spent a big period of time within the cremation grounds in some unspecified time in the future or the opposite in his life.

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