Disney was supposed to remake the Star Wars Original Trilogy Movies

After Star Wars: Skywalker Rise Saga, the Star Wars saga is over – but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The Star Wars trilogy and autonomy have created many new continuity nodes, and Star Wars has generally become much larger than George Lucas originally envisioned for the franchise. Instead of constantly bending the modern Star Wars to a limited vision of the original trilogy, we now have to consider another option: Disney had to redesign the original Star Wars trilogy for the franchise and the fans.

This explanation may seem controversial for almost every Star Wars fanatic today – but if you think about it and do a quick analysis, you might change your mind:

Rescue of the original Star Wars

Since the relaunch of the Star Wars franchise in the 1990s, there has been a conflict between the original trilogy and the new material released by Lucas film. It all started when George Lucas released Star Wars specials in which Lucas added modern visual effects, new scenes and even bigger changes than the previous canon (Han Shot First!) to the original films. Fans were very torn by the move, and with good reason: Lucas probably gave up low-budget cinema and madness to create Star Wars outside the studio system of the 70’s, which usually helped to make the film admirable for the fans.

A lesson can be learned from the reactions of fans to special editions of Star Wars: We love the original Star Wars films for their kitschy magic, and there have been repeated calls for original (non-contaminated) films on modern services. Maybe it’s time to admit that the original OT Star Wars movies deserve their own thing – and Skywalker’s wider Star Wars saga should be another matter.

Prequels such as Reboot

Without a doubt, the biggest and sharpest jump in Star Wars viewing starts with the Star Wars Prequels and then continues with the original trilogy. Between the 70’s and 80’s of OT and the 70’s of PT there was just too much time for movies to hope for visual dubbing. The forerunners of Star Wars are in many ways reminiscent of recharging a franchise, in terms of visual tone and format – much more in keeping with the Star Wars trilogy that came out afterwards. Now that Star Wars already represents a new beginning for the 21st century, it’s good that we have a chance. Since the 20th century this has been made possible, why not complete the process and make the Skywalker saga one of the most visually complete film sets by adding a modern version of EO to the series?

We haveactors.

The supporters of this idea will immediately have a question: How can we recreate the original Star Wars movies? Actually, it’s not that hard – we have people who can do it and who already know who they are!

As the Star Wars community has already noted, the Marvel Falcon and Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan Luke Skywalker have Marc Hamill as their favorite understudy. Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billy Lourdes, is a revolutionary star herself and fans would probably like to see her make a modern version of Leah. Even Alden Ehrenreich Solo has gathered a dedicated cult that demands his return to the franchise – the same goes for Donald Glover’s Lando. All these actors are plausible young versions of EO actors who have returned to the trilogy of the sequel, so the transition between EO and ST will continue to work. For Disney/Lucas it would be almost too easy to tackle this problem in terms of actors.

Continuity of confirmation

As was said at the beginning: One of the biggest problems with Star Wars is the way in which the strongly expanded (and redesigned) continuity led by Disney is increasingly difficult to fit into Lucas’ original trilogy. We have already started looking for small additions to the OT film scenes that could serve as inspiration for new Star Wars stories that could have greater continuity. This is getting stupid.

In the new version of Star Wars OT, the gun from the Skywalker saga will be fully known even before the new version. This can give much more weight to details, new scenes, characters and plots that develop into more important things over time. The role of villains such as Father and Palpatine can come much closer, and the inscriptions on EO heroes such as Luke, Han and Leia can be updated to better reflect the old, modern and complex versions we have seen in the trilogy.


The kneeling reaction is that this idea of a Disney remake somehow reduces the quality of the original Star Wars films – but the opposite is true. When Disney re-releases OT, the original Lucas films will be preserved forever, something that inspired a major re-release of the previous franchise. It will no longer be necessary to forge the original Lucas fragments, as the full meaning of Lucas’ films will represent the film culture of their time, while Disney’s films will be a complete package for them. George Lucas will still be pressuring a Disney franchise through the prequels… it’s basically a victory all around.

Would you like to help Disney redesign the Star Wars trilogy? Let us know in the comments. Don’t shout.

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