Delhi: Healthcare workers to be accommodated in hotels, dharamshalas

К : Express News Service | New Delhi |

Published : 21. April 2020 13:10:09

Medical personnel will be accommodated in hotels, Dharamshala Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical personnel on the civilian line during a national blockade in New Delhi. (Express photo: Abhinav Sacha)

Coronavirus (KOVID-19) : Medical staff at the specialist facilities of Kovid 19 in New Delhi will be accommodated in hotels and dharamsals on behalf of the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Health and Family Welfare.

The type of accommodation was classified according to the purpose of the employees. Doctors are accommodated in 4 or 5-star hotels and support staff in Dharamshals. Nurses and paramedics also receive hotel accommodation, but no type of hotel is specified in the order.

The Directive applies to doctors, nurses, paramedical and support staff in the specialised facilities of Kovid-19, including hospitals, health centres, quarantine and screening centres.

The decision (the ordinance) is taken with the consent of the Minister of Health, he says.

Last month the Delhi government announced that all doctors working at Locke Nayak Public Hospital and GB Pant Hospital on duty in Covid-19 would be housed in the 5-star hotel The Lalit.

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