Coronation Street studios spookily deserted after Coronavirus shutdown


(Photo: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

Usually the studios on Kroningsstraat, the centre of activity and creativity, full of staff, crews, actors, production teams and even fans waiting outside to support their favourite stars, are presented as a backdrop for their quilting work.

As a result of the COWID 19 pandemic, the soap factory was completely closed because the government insisted on self-isolation and stayed in houses unless absolutely necessary.

And the studio’s images are particularly sad, because the closure of Britain’s oldest soap production studio is unprecedented. The fact that a 60-year programme has stopped production is a huge indicator of the seriousness of the virus situation.


(Photo: MCPIX/Mark Campbell)

The ITV representative said: ITV has unfortunately decided to close the soap production in Coronation Street and Emmerdale from Monday the 23rd. Mars.


(Photo: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

We are doing our best to continue filming while following the latest government health guidelines to ensure that the episodes of both soap operas are broadcast on ITV at least until the beginning of summer.

However, the health and well-being of the production groups, the actors, the crew and their families is of paramount importance to us, and we believe it is time to stop filming. We would like to thank our viewers for their support and hope they will continue to enjoy both types of series in the coming months.

Since the 30th. In March, the episodes were reduced to three a week and broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30 p.m. on ITV.

Emmerdale is also closed and will be broadcast at 19.00 on the same days.

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