Bush Fire: Please see Maps & Evacuation Updates near Phoenix

Bushfire Maps


Map of forest fires

Bushfire is a new fire in Arizona northeast of Phoenix. It is already so big that it leads to an evacuation and is currently the largest active fire in the country. Read on to see bush fire maps and updated evacuation information.

Bushfire Maps

The Bush fire is now the biggest fire in the country. The fire started on the 13th. June at 2:00 p.m. on Bush Highway 187. The fire was caused by a man and is currently being investigated. The map below is provided by MappingSupport. Although this map should not be used for emergency planning, it is automatically updated to provide an overview of the extent of a fire. If the map below is not displayed for any reason, you can view the entire map here.

Open this card in full screen mode.

You will also find an automatically updated map with local closures and restrictions for Tonto National Forest. Here’s a screenshot of the map from 17:00. Dispatch, Tuesday the 16th. June.


According to Inciweb, the fire in June amounted to 64,513 acres, with 0% content.

Bushfire Evacuation and Graph

The map below contains current evacuation information. You may need to click and drag the card to see the mandatory and pre-vacuation instructions on the card. You can view the complete map here.

Insiweb celebrated the 16th. June:

Due to the increasing number of fires and evictions, the emergency services in the districts of Gila and Marikopa are evacuating the communities of Punkin Center, Tonto Basin and Sunflower Area.

Insiweb also wrote:

The danger in these areas is immediate and endangers people’s lives. Residents must be evacuated immediately to the reception centre or with their family/friends outside the affected area. Residents should avoid close contact with patients and follow public health advice when moving. If you choose to ignore this recommendation, you should understand that the emergency services may not be able to provide additional assistance. Follow the instructions of the emergency personnel, stay on the designated evacuation routes and avoid closed areas.

The Marikopa district is marked in the sunflower zone:

Evacuees should go north to Payson. Meet me at Payson police station, 303 N. Beeline Highway, Payson, AZ. 85541. Drive carefully and follow the instructions of the emergency services personnel. Evacuees can also call the American Red Cross at 1-800-842-7349 for assistance.

Jake’s corner is now in SET mode in Ready to Evacuate, Set, Go Evac.

Residents of Tonto Pool, Jake’s Corner and the Pankin Centre receive evacuation information here.

Bush fire smoke and closure

Here’s the smoke forecast for the fire:

It’s locked:

According to Insiweb: Highway 87 is closed from Payson to Bush Highway. Route 188 is closed from Route 60 at Kleipul on Route 87. The best place to get street information is http://www.az511.com. Sugarlof, Four Peaks, Lower Sycamore, Pobrecito, Butcher Jones, Rolls, Saguaro del Norte and Lake Sugaro were all closed at the time.

How to stay informed

This is where you can stay informed about emergencies in Maricopa County.

There is also a Facebook page for Bush Fire.

Some updates are also provided by the U.S. Forest Service.

Residents of Tonto Pool, Jake’s Corner and the Pankin Centre receive evacuation information here.

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