Big Ed goes on bizarre Instagram rant about frogs and his love life

Big Ed showed Instagram a short video on Monday about his experience with the 90-day fiancée franchise. He made a video in his living room as if his dog Ted was lying on the couch behind him. He seemed to enjoy the time he spent alone with the American Idol Show on television.

Big Ed explains

In the video he started talking about a frog, which he said he decided to cross the street to meet the beautiful princess. He was talking about the frog knocking on his ass like most amphibians do and that it was perfectly normal.

Then he told how the frog had moved because he didn’t look both ways when he crossed the road.

Then he thanked his fans who supported him during the show. He didn’t care that there were a lot of interesting things going on in his life. He also insisted on stopping bullying, which seems to indicate the reaction of the show’s audience to his actions.

To end the video, Big Ed told viewers to enjoy the next 90-day bridal series: There are still 90 days until season 4. He also called on everyone to take care of each other while the Covid 19 pandemic spread all over the world.

Based on the comments in the post, his followers believe he used the story as a metaphor for his relationship with Rosemary’s girlfriend. The frog is him and the princess is Rosemary, and the whole story represents the failure of their relationship.

His supporters blew him up in the comment section of the video and said Rosemary’s anger was on him. But there were also people who sympathized with his low self-esteem.

Big Ed, who played in the series Up to 90 Days with Rosemary, has been criticized by fans for some of his actions in the series. This was especially true after he lied about his real growth, which came as a surprise to them when they finally met.

Rosemary in shock following Big Ed’s request for sexually transmitted diseases

The Sunday episode of the 90-day bride: Ninety days ago, Rosemary and Big Ed realized they had a big obstacle in their relationship.

Rosemary was reluctant to talk to him about her past. Big Ed understood that she didn’t have to tell him right away, but he also wanted to make sure that she wasn’t the kind of person that slept with other people.

Then he asked Rosemary to do an STD test. At first she didn’t understand her request. But when she realized what he was asking her, she felt insulted and disappointed by him. She accused him of not trusting her. This could be the biggest problem between them. Will Rosemary and Big Ed be able to decide everything? The viewers should keep listening to next week’s episode. Stay up to date with news and updates about 90 Day Fiance.

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